Temecula Web Design Company Offers Alternative for Small Business Owners

Free and cheap websites—are they a lifesaver for small business owners, or too good to be true?

You have most likely seen their ads all over the internet—“Free Website Builder” or “Websites Starting at $5.95.” You may be tempted to go with one of these web design companies for your Temecula business. After all, what do you have to lose? Maybe a little bit of your time and a few bucks. However, as you look more closely at these online web design companies, you will most likely find that they aren’t all that they claim to be.

First of all, with any of these companies, you only get a very basic website for free. Any “upgraded” features will cost you extra. And those upgraded features are things that most small businesses need in a website, like a custom domain name, contact forms, customer support, Google analytics, and more. You will also only have access to a limited number of templates. More options means more money.

Second, you will have to do much of the “heavy lifting” yourself with these free or very inexpensive web design solutions. If you have experience as a web designer, and extra time on your hands, this may be fine. But for the average Temecula business owner, web design is not in their wheelhouse. Since many of these companies do not provide adequate support, you are setting yourself up for many hours of frustration.

Professional Web Design in Temecula

What’s the alternative for small business owners in Temecula in need of web design? The answer is to look for a professional Temecula web design company that specializes in small business websites.

Matt Smith, CEO of Modmacro, a web design company serving Temecula small businesses, had this to say about hiring a professional web design company like Modmacro:

“Your business’s website is likely your most important marketing tool. It says a lot about your business and its professionalism. If you have an unprofessional website, visitors may assume that your business is also unprofessional.”

Smith continued, “It is worth the investment to have a website that looks great, functions properly, and provides a good user experience for your visitors. Using a free or cheap online website designer may give you a decent-looking website, but visitors will get frustrated and leave if they are unable to find what they are looking for, or if the site doesn’t perform as it should. And then you’ve lost a customer, because they will move on to one of your competitors with a more professional website.”

Mobile-Responsive Sites Becoming Increasingly Critical for Temecula Small Businesses

In some industries, more than 50% of website visits happen on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets—and that percentage continues to go up. What is more, Google now penalizes a website’s search rankings if it isn’t mobile responsive, meaning your website will be relegated to positions below your competitors, simply because your website is not mobile responsive.

It is absolutely critical that your business’s website design is able to adapt to mobile devices. Smith advises that you “don’t settle for web design that isn’t mobile responsive. Doing so is a sure way to lose customers.”

Custom Web Design and Customer Support are Key for Temecula Small Businesses

When you work with a professional web design company, you are paying for the expertise of a company that can give you all of the custom features your business website needs to help make your business more successful. In addition, with a professional Temecula web design company you will get the support you need, should anything go wrong with your website. Every moment your business website is down could mean lost business. You need to work with a web design company that places a high priority on customer support.

“Many times, we will get small business owners who call us about web design who want to know why they should go with us when they can get a free or inexpensive website elsewhere,” said Smith. “After we spend some time telling them about everything we do and why it’s so important to have a professional website, they usually realize that professional web design is the way to go by the end of the phone call. They recognize the value in what we do once many of the facets are explained.”

The bottom line: You get what you pay for, whether you go with a free web design service, or a professional web design company. Investing in quality web design for your Temecula business is always a smart move!